San Diego Homes



The second largest city in the state has drawn Southern California home buyers to its sparkling Pacific Ocean beaches, sunny year-round climate, and famous attractions for generations. San Diego real estate in and around this great cosmopolitan city offers many exceptional San Diego homes for sale that are perfect for home buyers who prefer the cultural diversity and accelerated pace of an urban West Coast lifestyle.

Metro San Diego Homes and Neighborhoods

Surrounding one of the most famous urban parks in the nation, the San Diego real estate in the Balboa Park area offers a high concentration of entertainment, art, and culture in a charming metropolitan area noted for its many Craftsman-style San Diego homes.

Mission Hills – One of San Diego’s oldest and most popular neighborhoods, with many homes built in the early 1900s. Mission Hills is sought after for its charming bungalows and large mansions that line its well-manicured, serene streets.

Hillcrest – Located northwest of Balboa Park, Hillcrest is an urban village with an eclectic collection of shops, restaurants and bars. Older San Diego homes, upscale condominiums and newer homes are all part of the residential mix in Hillcrest

University Heights – Adjacent to Hillcrest, University Heights’ central location makes it within walking distance to San Diego’s downtown and surrounding areas. Housing options include condos, cottages, and million-dollar homes.

North Park – Northeast of Balboa Park, North Park is a diverse neighborhood that hosts a variety of events, festivals and art shows. North Park is particularly notable for its wide variety of eateries and bars.

South Park – This neighborhood located east of Balboa Park, is known for its exceptional collection of Craftsman and Spanish Colonial San Diego homes built from 1905-1930, with many beautifully restored to their original glory.

Golden Hill – A neighborhood situated just east of downtown San Diego, Golden Hill is one of San Diego’s most historic and architecturally interesting areas. Many of the classic San Diego homes and apartments here were built in the late 1800s.

Downtown San Diego Homes and Neighborhoods

Downtown San Diego has undergone a massive revitalization effort over the last 20 years. With a total area of only about one square mile, downtown San Diego real estate now offers a high concentration of exceptional San Diego home choices, particularly for home buyers seeking a bayside cosmopolitan lifestyle in the heart of San Diego.

East Village – San Diego’s largest district in the city was once only warehouses. Today the East Village is a rapidly growing area that offers plenty of shopping, restaurants, and nightlife as well as an arts district with many galleries and studios.

Banker’s Hill – A primarily residential district downtown hosting many beautiful Victorian mansions and sophisticated San Diego condominium buildings.

Columbia – Columbia offers more commercial-oriented development in downtown San Diego, with San Diego homes for sale that include luxury high-rise condos overlooking the waterfront.

Core District – The heart of downtown San Diego’s business district, the Core offers San Diego condos for sale in a great mix of both modern condo buildings as well as historic buildings that have renovated for San Diego condo space.

Gaslamp Quarter – Probably the most famous neighborhood in downtown San Diego, this historic landmark is home to over 100 nightclubs and restaurants with many annual events that draw tourists and locals alike throughout the year.

Little Italy – Settled in the 1920s by mostly Italian families working in the San Diego tuna industry, Little Italy in San Diego offers a great atmosphere and excellent San Diego homes for sale featuring attractive San Diego condos.

Marina District – No doubt the most beautiful and desirable area to live in downtown San Diego, the Marina District offers charming cafes and shops mixed with high-rise San Diego condos for sale along the waterfront that offer amazing bay views.

Cortez Hill – This  intimate and very walkable downtown San Diego neighborhood has an older and very cozy residential feel. Condominium buildings on Cortez Hill offer astounding 360-degree views of downtown San Diego.